The Enchanted Company

Two of Jane's daughters, Skye and Nada Meredith, have started their own business, called Enchanted Company. Using the felting needle like a wand, we transform the finest natural and plant-dyed wool into animals, teddy bears and dolls as well as mythical creatures like fairies, mermaids and unicorns. Our products are all made to order and are guaranteed to charm children and adults alike.

for more information:

please phone skye on 07947 414899
or email

enchanted geese
  • For Sale

    fairy donkey kings

    fairy £14.50,  donkey £32   and  kings £32 each

  • Magical Felting Parties for your Children

    shepherdAs part of Enchanted Company, I can help you give a memorable pesent to your child for his or her birthday.

    I will begin by telling the children a fairy tale. Then I will lead them in creating their own felt pictures from the story, using the finest beautifully coloured wool.

    Children love the transformation that occurs as, with the help of warm water, scented soap and their own magical powers, the wool becomes felt.

    With story telling, music and felting, your children will be enchanted.

    for more information, please contact me on the number above.

  • Workshops for Teachers


    Having trained as a Steiner teacher and worked for a long time with special needs children and psychiatric patients, I have become convinced of the transformational qualities of wool and felting.

    Through my work, I aim to address all the senses, from creating a beautiful environment in which to work, to scenting the water with oils most suited to the person using them. I have developed my lessons to such an extent that even the most profound and complex needs can participate.

    zebrasNow I would like to pass on the knowledge that I have learnt and the lessons I have developed.

    If you work with special needs children or other people who would benefit from the gentle and sensory experience of wool, please contact me through the details above.