Plant Dyeing Wool Workshops by the River Wye



Spend a few days here on the banks of the River Wye learning everything about wool from processing the raw fleece to the finished items.  My courses will teach you weaving, spinning, felting, also natural dyeing with plants gathered from our garden to make wonderful colours on silky, lustrous wool. You can watch the swans, ducks and geese on the river and are likely to see a kingfisher. People from all over the country and further have come to my workshops for a creative holiday.

Julian, who is a an artist/printmaker making enormous woodcuts, will keep you topped up with tea and talk about bees and all the wildlife.

Jane, with her years of experience as a teacher and gardener, will inspire you with her garden full of colour and texture which she translates to her felt and particularly to her weaving using the unique and simple Brinkley Looms. More information about Brinkley Looms for sale here.

Learn how to:

CHOOSE a beautiful rare breed fleece and learn the process of washing, drying and carding so that you can

spin  dye

SPIN your own yarn on a hand spindle and on a wheel

 and then begin to ....



DYE fleece and yarn with all the plants that grow in my garden and on the river bank

........You can also

SHIBORI DYE fabric in the indigo bath and learn the secrets of the woad vat, then

woad dyed wool2

WEAVE a hanging on a peg loom with the beautiful colourful fleece you have dyed

and also .....

weave pegloom

cot covers

FELT a 3d bag or a bowl with natural and coloured wool

and then .....


felt 3d

WEAVE a scarf or a hanging on the amazing Brinkley Loom - a unique and very simple loom which takes 10 minutes to warp up.


A separate course using a mud resist to print from wood blocks and found objects to make wonderful designs on fabric. The dyes we use are indigo, iron rust and tannic acid.  See more about this fascinating course on the Workshop page.

I sell:

  • Natural and plant dyed fleece.
  • Peg looms.
  • Woven and felted throws, cot covers, shawls and scarves.

Comments from workshop participants

"Beautiful colours, beautiful days, wonderful fun. Look forward to returning in the future.” 

Karen Walters

“I haven’t been this relaxed in years! And I’ve never achieved so much whilst being so relaxed! Thank you so much.” 

Kirstie McCavery

“Many thanks for a memorable weekend. The tuition, company, food, inspiration and setting were all outstanding but the best bit for me was seeing the amazing range of colours we produced (and the kingfisher.)” 


Weaving and dyeing with Jane on the banks of the River Wye was one of the best weekend courses I have ever participated in.  Learned so much, delicious food was served and of course I bought a loom.  Best experience, long lasting.

Angelika, Minchinhampt.